Siren Games is currently being led by myself, a single game dev wishing to leave a mark on the internet. Also, when I came up with the name a lot of people thing that “Siren” is referring to the blow horn when it in fact is referring to the mythical creature (I think its Greek). Why did I call it that? Beats me. I am really bad at coming up with names.

 Siren Games Founder20141010_164456313_iOS  

  Name: Adam Chatham (yea… yea… it rhymes)

  Occupation: College Student

  Hobbies: Video Games

At first, I had no talent for video game making or art. When I first attempted art, I ended up throwing it out the door yelling “AND STAY OUT!” but then I came across a program called RPG Maker. At first I only intended to just play with the program but the more I played the better I got at my art and game making skills. Eventually, I scrapped my original project and started over and began working on my first commercial project. During the process, I met other game makers with different talents who help me make my projects as good as can be. Now that I was picking up on how to do various forms of art, I am now creating and releasing my materials on this blog.

I also…

  • Am a very big computer nerd. Seeing computer parts just make me drool! :3
  • A growing artist.
  • A jokester. (I have good moments and bad moments).
  • Can read a page of text in 20 seconds flat.

Pick Co-Producer

  Name:  Glenn Debien

  Occupation: Starving Artist

  Hobbies: Video Games, Art, Music, story writing.

 I first started making video games around early 2009 on the GameMaker program. I successfully created a Pac-Man like character that would scroll and move around after that I moved on to RPG Maker XP. I created my first RPG game it was so bad it was laughable. As time passed I grew in skill with Gimp and RPG Maker. When RPG Maker VX came out I picked it up and took off making a RPG Maker games again but this time it was a lot more fleshed out but still nowhere near the level of quality that I have seen on forums. Soon after RPG Maker VX Ace came out, I bought it from steam. I also grew in skill with Photoshop. I opened a forum shop for title screens called Hailren’s shop not knowing I would soon embark on a long journey with my good pal Adam Chatham.

Glenn also has his own blog here.


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